Eight Caribbean Countries Join Forces For Tourism Boost

August 11, 2020 Jim Byers

This is smart marketing.

As Caribbean destinations across the region reopen their borders in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of eight neighbouring islands have joined together to rethink and re-imagine their tourism marketing strategy in the post-virus era. 

Nevis, St. Kitts, Saba, St. Eustatius (Statia), French Saint Martin, Dutch St. Maarten, Anguilla and St. Barths, all islands with a French or Dutch background, have come together to form a Caribbean Group of 8, recognizing that through a joint collaboration they can amplify their presence in the marketplace and create new travel possibilities and fresh itineraries for consumers. 

“We are delighted to launch this new initiative,” said Jadine Yarde, CEO, Nevis Tourism Authority.  “Our common objective is to promote intra-regional travel, capitalizing on our proximity to each other, and today’s travellers’ desire to discover new experiences, collecting passport stamps along the way for bragging rights.” 

The collaboration has produced an introductory video, with highlights of what makes each island special and different from their neighbours.  The exciting, two-minute video will be rolled out across all their social platforms starting the week of August 11, 2020.  The underlying message is that there is no better place than the Caribbean for travellers who are ready to venture forth when the time is right.

“We are uniquely positioned to launch this program,” said Chantelle Richardson, Coordinator, International Markets for the Anguilla Tourist Board. “Our islands are easily accessible by air and sea, and we need to educate our potential visitors, both within the region and from our traditional source markets, on how to plan and make the most of their visit.”  

“Saba welcomes this collaborative initiative and looks forward to welcoming visitors to the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean, a safe haven where culture, history and nature abound,” stated Glenn Holm, Director of Tourism for the Saba Tourist Bureau.

Nevis, St. Kitts, Saba, St. Eustatius (Statia), Saint Martin, St. Maarten, Anguilla and St. Barths represent a combination of current and former Dutch, British and French island territories. Each island is a unique encounter, reflecting the vibrant Caribbean culture, creativity and hospitality which has made the region the preferred destination for travellers across the globe.  Together they offer a huge array of experiences, cuisines, art, music and literature, against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, spectacular beaches, land and water sports, and boutique accommodations at a range of price points. 

I haven’t been to all of them, but I’ve visited St. Kitts briefly on my way to Nevis for three days. I also have spent several days on Saint Martin/St. Maarten and had a fabulous visit to Anguilla a few years ago. I had a full day in St. Barths on a cruise visit, as well. They’re all terrific destinations with a great deal of variety, as well as warm, welcoming locals and, yes, beautiful beaches.

Nevis has a tremendous golf course at the Four Seasons hotel, and St. Barths has a beautiful waterfront and fantastic shopping. They’re all great for destination weddings/romance/honeymoon trips, as well.

Anguilla has upscale places to stay, such as the CuisinArt Resort and Zemi Beach House, but there are also are plenty of low-key inexpensive spots, including Shoal Bay Villas.

For more information, and to view the video, visit  any one of the participating islands’ websites or social platforms: NevisSt. KittsSaba;  Statia;  French Saint Martin;  Dutch St. Maarten;   Anguilla and St. Barths.

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