HIS-Travel Japan; a Great New Way to See a Stunning Country

September 14, 2020 Admin

The country of Japan is a bucket list destination for many Canadian travellers. Now, planning and booking travel to Japan is simplified with new brand, HIS-TravelJapan.

A division of Red Label Vacations Inc., the travel brand offers flights, hotel stays, tours, virtual tours, rail passes and more Japan-related products all on one platform. In addition, the website provides vacation packages to other popular destinations worldwide.

Booking travel from Canada to Japan has never been easier through HIS-TravelJapan. The brand has access to the popular Japan Rail Pass, which allows international travellers to use the transit systems at an affordable
rate. HIS-TravelJapan also has innovative technology that allows a wide range of flight options, hotel stays, excursions and other activities in a variety of budgets and destinations.

HIS-TravelJapan works directly with Japanese travel partners to provide expert knowledge, insight and advice to travellers. The website works as an informational hub showcasing history, art, culture and gastronomy in the
country. Travellers can easily research, customize and plan their getaways through HIS-TravelJapan.

For those who would like to experience Japan from the comfort of their own homes, HIS-TravelJapan has launched new virtual tours. Groups of travellers can access their own virtual host who provides a personalized
tour through some of Japan’s most famous areas. This includes the fashion streets of Harajuku or the ancient temples of Yanesen. There is a virtual tour for every traveller type no matter their interests.

HIS-TravelJapan offers cruise sailings, throughout Japan and other parts of the world. The brand also has a variety of other travel products, including vacation packages, flights, car rentals and hotels throughout other parts
of the world including the Caribbean and North America.

Travellers who are ready to explore the wonders of Japan or other parts of the world with expert help are encouraged to visit www.his-traveljapan.com.

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