Big Mac Costs Around the World: A Tasty Friday Food Chart

I’ve always loved this annual report.

A company called has come up with a survey that looks at what it costs to buy a Big Mac around the world. It’s a great common denominator that everyone can understand.

I’m not completely sure how they come up with the prices, as the one for Canada seems a little steep to me. But this is what they published.

Their survey found that the most expensive place in the world for a McDonald’s Big Mac (two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun) is Switzerland, weighing in at $9.19 CAD. The cheapest was South Africa at just $2.47.

Here are the MOST expensive offerings around the world:

  1. Switzerland, $9.19
  2. Lebanon $7.91
  3. Sweden, $7.66
  4. USA, $7.59 (remember, that’s Canadian dollars)
  5. Norway, $7.58
  6. Canada, $6.76
  7. Israel, $6.58

A whole whack of countries came in at $6.37; about 18 nations in all.

The five LEAST expensive places to buy a Big Mac?

  1. South Africa, $2.47
  2. Russia, $2.54
  3. Turkey, $2.71
  4. Ukraine, $2.89
  5. Mexico, $2.97

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