Oooh, Scary: Air BnB Offers Up Haunted Houses and Spooky Experiencs in Canada and the U.S.

October 16, 2020 Admin

Airbnb has the right ingredients to brew up one very spooky Halloween. Here are some scary but fun places to check out across North America, including two haunted house stays here in Canada and two spine-chilling Canadian Experiences.

Spooky Airbnb Experiences:

* CANADIAN: Explore the Lost Souls of Gastown: This 90-minute in-person walking tour will have you venturing into Vancouver’s earliest and most gruesome history – exploring the scandals, secrets, crimes, great escapes and near misses of the era.
* CANADIAN: Dive into the Mystical Unknown with a Tarot Card Reading and Meditation: Diana, your Toronto-based host, is descended from a long time of magical Macedonian women and will take you through a guided meditation followed by an in-depth one-on-one intuitive reading in this Online Experience.
* Spooky Story Time with Alice Cooper: Spooky season aficionado Alice Cooper hosts a story session in full costume where he reads abouts spiders, spirits, goblins, ghosts, monsters and more. This Experience is suitable for children 6+ with an appetite for fright!
* Pumpkin Carving with the Pros: The co-founders of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers and their team teach guests about the history of pumpkin carving and of course, how to carve a Jack O Lantern.
* Ghost Hunting in a Haunted Opera House: The Experience starts off with a protective séance and then has guests virtually journeying through the haunted portions of the four-tiered Opera House.

Haunted Airbnb Stays:

The Beck House, Penetanguishene, Ontario.

* CANADIAN: Historic Beck House in Penetanguishene, Ontario: This 1885 Victorian home was once home to lumber baron Charles Beck, his wife and nine children, and is now home to many spirits that wander the halls.
* CANADIAN: Haunted Room in a Boutique Hotel in Prince Edward, Ontario: Built for Edwards Merrill in 1878, the Merrill House has been restored to its Victorian glory and (in addition to ghosts) boasts a large cellar, conservatory bar, sauna and more.
* Henry Derby House in Salem, Massachusetts: The city is notorious of its haunted history, so what better way to celebrate the season than in this historic listing? Rumour has it there may or may not be ghosts on the property.
* Haunted Honeymoon Cottage: Three ghosts are said to reside at this Arizona Airbnb and on occasion, guests will hear the eerie sounds of faint parlor music and wind chimes (when there’s no wind).
* Haunted Magnolia Hotel Guest Suite/Apartment: This Texas home guarantees a spooky experience (especially in the unrestored part of the house) and allows guests to rent ghost hunting kits.

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