News of the Day Got You Down? Spend the Winter in a Warm, Stylish Cave

November 1, 2020 Admin

If the bad news you see on TV every day has you down, here’s a way to live under a rock for the rest of 2020.

Vrbo has a great offer for a getaway in a cave. That’s right, take “living under a rock” and social distancing to the next level and hideaway from the world in this modern luxury cave for the ultimate solitude getaway.

The cave-home greets guests with what we can only describe as #CaveGoals, welcoming you with upscale-furnishings and fixtures juxtaposed with the cave infrastructure. The home also offers its own indoor waterfall, fire pit, and 256 pristine and remote acres in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Talk about a vacation rental that totally rocks.

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