RV Surge Continues: Rental Company Outdoorsy Set to Reach $1 Billion USD in Transactions

January 14, 2021 Admin

Outdoorsy, the most-trusted and only global online RV rental and outdoor travel marketplace, today announced it is on track to reach $1B USD in transactions on its platform by the end of the first quarter of this year.

Outdoorsy’s RV bookings soared to new heights in 2020, leading to the company’s best year on record. To date, more than 3.2M rental days have been booked on the platform, which hosts a growing community of 37 million followers.

With 200,000+ unique vehicles available to rent in 4,800+ cities across 14 countries, including Canada, Outdoorsy has emerged as the preferred form of travel for consumers, offering a self-contained mode of transport that allows its guests to safely hit the road amidst growing health concerns, while at the same time empowering RV owners to establish a new source of financial income and support.

Before we founded Outdoorsy, we spent nearly eight months on the road living in an RV, talking to RV owners and travelers to better understand the industry and learn what consumers would want and value in a marketplace,” said Jeff Cavins, co-founder and CEO of Outdoorsy. “It was after that time living on the road that we knew we had uncovered a multi-billion-dollar market hidden before our very eyes.

“Achieving this major milestone of one billion dollars in transactions is a significant proof point of that epiphany we had six years ago and a great milestone for our community. But we are just getting started,” he said.

“Outdoor travel is one of the last major markets to be brought online, and as more people feel the magnetic pull of the outdoors and the benefits of road travel, we have a huge opportunity to make the outdoors accessible to people all over the globe who want to see and experience nature and adventure in their own unique way.”

All the studies Canadian Travel News have seen in the past few months suggest that outdoor activities and road trips will continue to be very popular in 2021.

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