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August 4, 2020 Jim Byers

With work-from-home arrangements the norm long into the future as a result of the ongoing pandemic, professionals are on the hunt for quality destinations where they can work remotely for an extended time. Thanks to a Work from Bermuda Certificate programme, Bermuda is proving itself a trendsetter in this growing space.

With just a $263 application fee per person, the new incentive allows travellers 18 years and older to move to the island for a year while working remotely, including the flexibility to travel back and forth seamlessly and to bring the family along as well. A special section is now live on including a link to the online application portal, which went live August 1.

“Bermuda is safe, Bermuda is friendly, Bermuda is close and Bermuda is beautiful,” said Premier David Burt. “If you are working remotely from home, please take the opportunity to explore the option of working remotely from Bermuda for the next year.

“To date Bermuda has successfully managed the Coronavirus Pandemic and our COVID-19 testing regime is the most stringent in the world. This has kept transmission of the virus to a minimum which allows our residents and visitors flexibility not seen in other jurisdictions.

“As a holder of a residential certificate you will be a long-term visitor in Bermuda and we are ready to share our vibrant culture and unique brand of hospitality to cure the Coronavirus blues. No need to be trapped in your apartment in a densely populated city with the accompanying restrictions and high risk of infection; come spend the year with us working or coding on the water.

Sailing in Bermuda. Photo Courtesy Bermuda Tourism

“On behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda, I look forward to welcoming remote executives, self-employed entrepreneurs and university students engaged in remote learning to our shores.”

I’ve only been once, but I had a fabulous time exploring small villages and scooting around the various islands on a moped.

Bermuda offers physical and social security—and a virtually COVID-19-free environment. The island has proven to be one of the most successful countries in the world at controlling the virus and testing per capita, reopening to visitors in July with responsible health-and-safety measures in place. Learn more about Bermuda’s COVID-19 policies.

Bermuda is home to an array of luxury accommodations, from beachside resorts to private home rentals. The Fairmont Southampton is a great choice. Additionally, the island’s 21 square miles feature beautiful open spaces and opportunities for much-needed seclusion on beaches, in parks and in nature reserves

As a self-governing British Overseas Territory with a 400-year-old legal system based in English Common Law, a stable economy and political democracy, and modern digital and telecommunications services, Bermuda offers social familiarity, opportunities for cultural immersion, as well as access to top-tier healthcare.

Putting the island ahead of other destinations, Bermuda is also a highly-respected financial services centre, comprising talent and industries across sectors—from insurance to asset management to family offices. Additionally, new legislation enacted in 2020 allows superyachts to charter and cruise in Bermuda waters.

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