Expedia’s “Work From Here” Promotion: Two-Week Trips for Just $20.20

December 10, 2020 Admin

 In recognition of the months spent working at kitchen tables, on couches and even in bedrooms, Expedia is giving “Working from Home” a promotion in 2021. Weary workers in Canada will be able to book one of six luxury two-week “Work from Here” (WFH) trips for just $20.20, each curated to give remote employees the opportunity for a major video conference backdrop upgrade, all while highlighting the beauty across Canada. 

For those looking for a new outlook in 2021, the special WFH trips will go on sale on Dec. 14 at 8:20 PM EST (20:20 if you use a 24-hour clock) on www.workfromhere.expedia.ca and are sure to sell out quickly. Workers who snag one of the six $20.20 WFH deals will receive a two-week stay for two people at an Expedia VIP Access Property in April 2021.*

The curated experiences for Work From Here highlight different regions and offer a taste of both urban and more remote destinations in Canada, including Hotel X (Toronto), Entourage sur-le-Lac (Quebec City) and The Sundial Boutique Hotel (Whistler). 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an unprecedented shift in how and where many workers complete their daily ‘9-5’. Working at home for an extended period has compounded the desire to explore new places, take in sites and scenery, and experience something new,” said Nisreene Atassi, Senior Director, Communications, at Expedia. “Built on the wanderer mindset of today’s work from anywhere professionals, ‘Work From Here’ celebrates a new global culture that allows employees the freedom to balance work with travel. When we can travel freely again, we want to inspire workers to think differently about their workspace to create happier, more productive experiences, which would benefit not only employees but also employers.”


Expedia launches the “Work from Here” campaign to help break down barriers for planning workcations, after looking into the attitudes of remote workers within Canada. The study uncovered the desires and perceived benefits of working from a new location, with the top findings below. 

Entourage sur-le-Lac, Quebec

The current situation: 

  • As of November, exactly half of the Canadians polled were working from home 100% of the time. Wanderlust is high, as 64% wished they could work from a new location or a holiday spot for a few weeks to get a change of scenery. 
  • Currently, 57% of workers said their employer would be supportive of a remote working trip, but understanding there are still barriers to travelling.
  • The top three factors for not booking a work getaway were concerns about travel advisories (52%), money/finances (48%) and home office set-up worries (30%). 

Improved relationship building and increased positive energy: 

  • With today’s pressure of juggling work and home life, nearly half of parents (47%) would be willing to leave their family at home for a week or two to work remotely in a new location; 56% of parents even said a workcation would improve their relationship with their children. 
  • Similarly, 54% of those polled with a partner stated that a “Work From Here” trip would improve their relationship with a significant other. 
  • When it comes to mood, almost half (49%) of Canadians said that working from a new location or vacation spot has improved their mood and ultimately contributed to an improved relationship with their boss and co-workers. 
  • Queue the smiles and exhales – Canadian remote workers say that a WFH trip will have real emotional benefits. The top five include: feeling happy (38%), relaxed (34%), excited (33%), energized (31%) and productive (30%). 

Daydreaming of the perfect destination

  • The beach was the top ‘Work From Here’ location (42%), closely followed by a lake (37%), the mountains (30%) and the countryside (28%). 
  • Everyday escapism is clearly high, with a fifth saying a treehouse or glamping would be a top pick. 
  • A quiet and relaxing setting would be the most important feature for 67% of Canadians surveyed. Other popular choices include more space (43%), luxury (37%) and remoteness (30%).  
Sundial Boutique Hotel, Whistler

Nita Chhinzer, Associate Professor of Human Resources at the University of Guelph, comments: “As the pandemic has continued, people have upgraded spaces in their homes to include all the ‘must-haves’ for a great remote work setup, but some people are getting burnt out with the isolation, increased work hours, and blurred personal-professional space associated with working from home. People looking to get a break from the work from home situation have started to explore booking trips for a few days or weeks at relatively local destinations with the intention to work during the day, and explore a new environment or surrounding after work hours. There are three important tips when changing up remote workspace to help maximize productivity, recharge people and help them succeed at deeper cognitive thoughts. 

  • First, set dedicated distraction free work hours so that you compartmentalize work from non-work time. 
  • Second, start your day with a normal morning routine (shower, have breakfast, read, walk, jog etc.). The routines make us happy and helps prepare us mentally for a productive workday. 
  • Third, when you are off working hours, mentally switch off from work, to help recharge your batteries. Visit local sites, enjoy the scenery, indulge in a great meal…enjoying yourself off-hours helps break the cycle of exhaustion many remote workers are currently in.” 

To help with planning your own trip, Expedia’s local travel experts and bloggers VancityWild have shared all you need to know on maximizing any Work From Here trip. And if you’re planning to pack your laptop in your luggage and explore a new WFH location, head over to the Expedia Canada blog to check out our guide on 5 Top Tips for Planning a WFH, as well as some dreamy Canadian spots to keep you inspired. 

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